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Hey! My name is Ms Alyce and I am the Teacher and Director of ISM Geraldton. I have been teaching music children of all ages in Primary and Secondary school's for over 10 years. I have a degree in classical music performance and a Graduate diploma of Education (Secondary). Spending all of my time in the country has meant that I have learnt to play a range of different instruments from woodwind, brass, violin, drums, guitar bass and of course piano. My favourite at the moment is the TUBA and I play this in the local brass band. ​Geraldton has been my home for over 7 years and I absolutely love it here. It reminds me of where I grew up, before it got a little too big for me! I love the community vibe and that it's small enough that you never really feel isolated. ​I've witnessed music education in a range of settings and felt that we were really missing a true 'music school' here in Geraldton. Somewhere that children can go to learn music in a structured and fun environment without fear of the teacher leaving town or moving schools. I also really wanted to give families the opportunity to immerse little ones in a quality music program, from a young age. This is mostly for selfish reasons, because I want to make sure my future children have the opportunity too! Also, the studies showing the benefits on early introduction to quality music education are ENDLESS! ​After lots of research. I found and fell in love with the ISM Program. Why? Because it aligns directly with my teaching philosophy. The program is 100% Australian owned and written and has been tried and tested for over 30 years! It caters for early childhood all the way through to upper primary and is proven to have given many children a successful foundation in music over the years. Not only this, but as a member of a network of schools (rather than a franchise) I have the flexibility to deliver some additional options that are unique to me and my skill set as a teacher.  ​My goal is to immerse as many children as possible into the world of music, as early as possible. I do this by making lessons as fun and varied as possible! You may notice that I get just as much joy out of teaching two years olds as I do working with teens! I really do love teaching music and feel that with more music, the world will be a better place. ​Fun fact: When I'm not teaching, you might see me gigging around town as "Little Miss" with my guitar and collection of ukulele's.

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"Ros Thrift, Director of ISM/MSI is a motivated, hands on, caring and energetic leader of a successful unique group music program.  It is a program that continues to expand at a national and international level because it is well structured and fun for the students. They develop an early love of music.  I am grateful I was given the opportunity under the direction of Ros to teach this program, which has nurtured many musicians and will continue to do so."

Melissa Stubbs- ISM Quirindi, NSW Australia

ISM was initially launched in 1997, however it's conception began well before this! Ros Thrift developed and wrote over 740 pieces of original music for the initial release which has since been honed and expanded to include several different stages and levels of achievement. The ISM courses teach music as a language. The instruction is aurally based to maximise learning in young students. Lessons are fast paced and multi-faceted and encourage children to become well rounded musicians.

ISM teachers must have tertiary training in music, as well as undergoing extensive training in the ISM system. This allows them to see the 'whole picture' regarding children's musical development. "International"??? There are ISM schools all around the world! Including the USA, Canada and New Zealand. However our closest buddies are here in WA, Westcoast (Floreat) and Kalgoorlie.

ISM /MSI Network


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