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ISM Geraldton Policies & Procedures

Jitterbugs & Beebopper


Families will be asked to set up a direct debit to enrol in these courses. A place is not guaranteed until payment information is added. Upon enrolment, an initial fee to cover the book will be charged for Jitterbugs ($45) and Beebopper ($36).


Payment for each week will be withdrawn each Monday throughout the term. If you prefer to pay upfront per term, contact the school director to arrange this.


If you are unable to make it on your regular day, you may book into a class on a different day in the same teaching week, provided there are places available. This is done via the Udio Customer Portal. 

A parent/guardian must accompany and participate with the child during the lesson.

Parent Attendance

Attendance of a parent or guardian is mandatory at all Jitterbugs & Beebopper sessions. Please inform the teacher if you will be bringing someone new along, or if someone else will be attending.

Sibling Attendance

Siblings may attend but will not be included in the class activities or given instruments or equipment unless there are resources to do so. It is the parents responsibility to take their child or sibling out of the room if they are crying or causing a distraction. 

ISM Programs are aurally based and it is important that the students are able to hear and concentrate at all times. Please do not take offence if your teacher asks your child out of the class- they are prioritising the learning of the class.


Please ensure hands are clean before lessons commence. Students may use the hand sanitizer or access the basin in the bathroom to sanitize or wash their hands, to maintain a hygienic teaching and learning environment. Water bottles are allowed however please ensure they are away from electrical equipment at all times. Please do not consume food during class time. It can be very distracting for other children and can get messy when instruments and equipment are being shared.


Pianorama Initial Enrolment

Upon enrolment, payment must be made up front to secure your child’s place in the class. For new students, an additional, once off enrolment fee of $50 will be charged after enrolment. This amount covers the cost of books & materials for 6-12 months of lessons (depending on the course) as well as general administration costs over the duration of the enrolment.

All classes are capped at 10 students. If numbers per class fall below 6 students, they may be combined or other arrangements made to continue those students.

A terms commitment upfront is required for all classes. If student join part way through the term, fee’s will be pro-rated upon enrolment.

Class Scheduling

Each class is unique, comprised of participants from a certain age range and ability/experience. When committing your child to a class, please be mindful that this class has been built for the participants in that specific time slot. It is almost impossible to swap students between Pianorama classes, particularly if there is only one class running at a particular level and age group. Please take this into consideration when enrolling your child, and try to take into account other activities that may begin throughout the year as class days and times are generally set for the year. On the flip side, once a child has dropped from a Pianorama class, it is almost impossible to fill this place so please consider this too. It is difficult to re-enrol a child at a later date, unless there is an appropriate class at a suitable level.

Duty of Care

Children aged under 5 years, must be accompanied by an adult during classes.

For children aged 5 years and above, parents may leave the premises. If doing so, please depart at the beginning of the class to avoid disruption through the class.

If parents wish to stay, it is asked that they sit with their child and participate. We ask that you please refrain from using a mobile device, other than for filming or photographing a solo or performance of your child only. 

Drop Off & Collection

Students may not be left to wait outside the premises before class. Parents/guardians must drop them off to the door.

Student’s may not leave the premises without an accompanying parent/guardian. Parent/guardians must meet their child at the door. Children will not be released from the premises without an adult present to collect them.

Student’s must be at ISM, ready to begin their lesson at the specified start time. Please notify the teacher if you will be running late or your child is unable to make it to a lesson.

Late collection of students may incur a charge. Please be courteous and collect your child on time.

Sibling Attendance

It is requested that siblings only attend the class if there is absolutely no alternative for them during the lesson time. Music lessons are aurally and visually driven and it is not feasible to be interrupted by sibling. If you are able to deliver the student and leave with the other child, this is preferred. However, this is not always easy for everyone so we ask that if siblings must attend that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Siblings under the age of 5 years must sit with their guardian at all times and engage in a quiet activity that involves minimal interruption or movement. If the child is unable to be quiet and relatively still, please exit the room until they settle. Teachers reserve the right to ask any guardians to remove a sibling from the teaching space if they are interrupting the lesson.

Siblings over the age of 5 years may sit in the foyer area, but they are expected to engage in a quiet activity that involves minimal interruption or movement. They are not allowed in the kitchen/ office areas.

Home Practice

Regular home practice is an important part of sustained success. We encourage families to incorporate practice into the daily routine and actively engage with their child while they practice. A small amount regularly works much better than large blocks. If you are wanting tips on how to encourage and engage your child in practice, please contact the director.

Home Pianos

Home Pianos

All Pianorama students are required to have a functioning digital or acoustic piano at home for regular home practice before commencing lessons.

Buying or renting an instrument is an expense additional to the fee’s and is the responsibility of the student’s family. Contact the Director for more information on instrument requirements.

All Students & Families


It is expected that enrolled families will use the designated app “Klassly” as the main form of communication to the Teacher/Director at ISM Geraldton. The app is accessible on IOS and Android devices and sends notifications to the designated email address when posts are added. Important information such as homework, payment dates, class dates and urgent updates will be posted on the app and families can also be directly messaged using the “chat” function.

Like other smart phone app’s, this can be set to “Do Not Disturb” or set to silent. Families are discouraged against turning notifications in the app off as they may miss out on important information. Any important information missed by families as a result of not using the app is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian and not the Teacher/Director.

Staff will endeavour to respond to queries/communication in a timetly manner however may not respond outside of regular business hours, over the weekend or on school holidays. Enquiries with less than 24 hours of actionable time may not be addressed in time. Please allow plenty of response  time, or if your  message is urgent or contact the Director via phone on: 0484653009.

Cleanliness & Toilet Use

Food and Drink are not allowed in the teaching area. Water bottles are allowed and may be stored on the unit in the entry way, away from pianos and electrical equipment.

Please ensure hands are clean before lessons commence. Students may use the hand sanitizer or access the basin in the bathroom to sanitize or wash their hands, to maintain a hygienic teaching and learning environment.

Toilet use during class can be disruptive and should be limited to students, parents & guardians as necessary during lessons. Families are welcome to use the facilities as needed between groups. Please encourage your child to use the facilities before class commences.


Student books are an expense in addition to lesson fees and are essential to participation in all programs. 

If a student withdraws from lessons, the materials will not be accepted back/refunded.

Due to copyright reasons and intellectual property laws, each student must purchase their own copy of the course materials (including CD’s) from International School of Music Geraldton. Siblings, friends and family members may not share materials.

It is expected that families download the backing tracks for all courses to use for home practice. The download link can be found at the front of any course book.


We may take photos/video during class or performance for use on our website, print advertising, Facebook, Instagram etc. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, I grant the International School of Music Geraldton, it’s representatives and employees they right to take photographs of me and my child. I authorise ISM Geraldton to use and publish in print and/or electronically. Please contact the Director if you do not wish to have your child’s photo/video published.


If you are planning on discontinuing lessons, please contact the director immediately. The Director must be informed of cessation before the end of the previous term. Failure to do so will result in the next terms fee’s being applied.


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