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4 Year Olds and up! - 45 minute classes - 10 students max-

Course intro

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About Pianorama

Very different to a traditional piano lesson, at ISM we teach piano in combination with musicianship skills, ensuring children have all of the tools to become well-rounded musicians. We follow a process unique to the ISM curriculum which ensures students understand how the music will sound before they play and read it! The curriculum has been written to follow a graduated process which enables students to work through Junior/Primary, Intermediate and Extension Levels!

What's more, children are learning in groups with their peers. We all focus more when we are having fun!

Lesson Structure

We fill our 45 minute lesson with a range of activities:

  • Welcome & roll call.

  • Playing set pieces from our Pianorama book.

  • Solfege singing to hone intonation.

  • Aural recognition activities to assist listening.

  • Percussion activities to reinforce rhythms in a fun way.

  • Games to develop motor skills and re-inforce learnt concepts

  • Movement activities to release endorphins & have fun!

  • Written activities which come last in a learning sequence- to reinforce concepts we already understand.


Finer Details

  • We offer two streams of Pianorama: Junior for 4-6 year olds and Primary for older beginners, 7+ year olds.

  • A term's commitment is required and fee's must be paid upfront before commencement of the term.

  • Cost is $26 per lesson.

  • Enrolment fee of $50 includes Book 1 and starter materials.

  • We build clases based on demand. Do you have friends that would like to learn too?

Pianorama FAQ's

Can parents attend Pianorama?

Yes! Parent attendance is mandatory for children 5 years and under. For older students, Parents are encouraged to stay for lessons so that they can see what we are up to and support their child during home practice.

What about siblings?

As Pianorama classes are aurally based, it is important to limit visual and aural distractions. If you need to bring a sibling along, please first discuss with the teacher and arrange a quiet activity for them to do in the foyer.

My child is sick. What happens?

Notify the teacher as soon as you can. If possible, we can try to book you into another group at a similar stage however this is subject to space and at the teachers discretion. Credits are not given for missed Pianorama lessons.

Can we have make up lessons?

Due to lessons being in groups, make up lessons are not possible. If your child misses more than one lesson per term, the teacher may ask for a brief 1:1 to ensure they don't fall behind the rest of the class. 

How much practice does my child need to do?

Practice should be fun and easy! I recommend that families build it into the daily routine and make it a "normal" task. Pianos/keyboards located in the living area can be great for this. Maybe you can listen to your child practice while cooking dinner or before they leave for school? Each week we add on a short section of music which we have already sung, read and played in class and so students are not required to learn something "new", but just improve on a concept already learnt in class. Each practice session should include a "little bit" of each piece they are currently learning. For Pianorama Junior, we usually have 3x pieces on the go. For Pianorama Primary, they have a couple of pieces and some exercise to work on.

How do we know what to practice?

For Pianorama Junior: homework tasks are sent home to parents via our communication app. We talk about it in class too!

For Pianorama Primary: students are provided with a dry erase sleeve to write on their weekly homework tasks. The tasks are also sent home to parents. These tasks are often accompanied by some supporting materials to help students along. 

Every piece of music in the program is supported by accompanying backing tracks which are provided with each book.

Can we attend a trial class?

Unfortunately one lesson will not demonstrate the long term joy and delight in learning, practicing and progressing in Pianorama. A whole term of participation is really required to experience this. In the first term, students will learn a range of concepts and songs and have an opportunity to build confidence & understanding. They will have the opportunity to form a connection with their teacher, their class and experience the joy of playing piano. Feel free to contact me directly to book a meet & greet at the school before committing.

Do we need a piano?

An electronic keyboard is sufficient for home practice. Students may enjoy the feel of weighted keys more as they progress, as our suite of electric pianos at ISM also have weighted keys. However, expensive electric pianos or acoustic pianos are not required.

Can we just start lessons now?

Because lessons are in groups and children learn best when they are with others of a similar age,  we build a class and ensure we have sufficient numbers before beginning. 8 students is our minimum start number and this ensures the longevity of the class. Some classes stay together for up to 4-6 years! If you are on a waitlist, help us spread the word far and wide to your friends and family. The $50 enrolment fee is held until a class begins, as it ensures we can have stock of the books ready to begin the class as soon as we are ready.

What about private lessons?

The Pianorama program is written specifically to be delivered in groups and is not feasible for 1:1 lessons. While private options will be offered to children who graduate from the Pianorama program in the future, this is not currently on offer.

For older beginners, the Pianorama program should set them up for entry into the many instrumental music program on offer at our local schools. Pianorama provides a wonderful foundation for further learning on other instruments, continuing with Piano or both.


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