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Youth Choir

~8 Years+ ~ Friday Afternoons~ 3:30-4:15pm~

~Large Group Format~ The more, the merrier!~

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Course Intro


A fast paced group song & games session for children aged 8 years and up. Programmed by Ms Alyce, this course encompasses a a range of fun vocal activities in a social environment. 

Lesson Structure

Each session includes:

  • A warm up

  • Aural recognition exercises

  • Singing of rounds and songs in unison and parts

  • Singing of Popular Songs

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Finer Details 

  • This program is for children 8 years +

  • Children must be able to read simple song lyrics so that they can fully participate in the group.

  • Children must bring their practice folder each week and commit some time at home to practising as required. (memorisation of lyrics is important).

  • Cost is $15 per lesson.

  • A term's commitment is required and fee's must be paid upfront before commencement of the term. 

  • Mid-term admissions are possible and fee's are pro-rated from the time of joining until the end of term.


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