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2 Year Olds - 30 minute classes - 10 students max-


About Jitterbugs

Jitterbugs is the only MUSIC program in Geraldton JUST for Two Year old's! You won't find mixed age groups here. Each week is a new lesson with a theme that is appropriate for two year olds. The course is jam packed with original music written just for this program.

Lesson Structure

We fit lots into 30 minutes! Each lesson includes:

  • Welcome & singing our Jitterbugs song

  • Percussion playing to recorded music

  • Singing songs specific to the theme

  • A short story & craft activity about the weekly theme

  • Additional activities to encourage socialisation such as parachute play, bubbles & other games.


Finer Details

  • Students can enrol at any point in the term, after their 2nd birthday

  • Enrolment is a term by term commitment, paid weekly via direct debit.

  • Cost is $12 per lesson

  • Book fee of $45 (book lasts all year and includes music downloads)

  • Can't make it to your regular day? Book into class for another day in the same teaching week.

  • Classes running from Wednesday-Saturday mornings

What comes after Jitterbugs?

Beebopper is our pre-piano program, written specifically for 3 year olds.


Jitterbugs FAQ's

Can siblings attend Jitterbugs?

Yes! Siblings are most welcome to attend. They may join in with the group, or do a quiet activity during class time.

What happens if we are sick?

You may book into another class on a different day in the same teaching week, pending available places.

We are going on holidays for a few weeks. Can we pause?

If you have a holiday planned, just notify me and I can adjust your fee's for the term.

Why do I need a book?

The beautifully made Jitterbugs book has a page for each theme for the entire year! (40 in total) It includes the stories and music downloads and pages which are used in class activities & craft. It will last a whole year of tuition.

When can we start?

Students can begin Jitterbugs any time after their 2nd birthday, at any time of the school year.


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